Modern European Styles in the US

Modern European Styles in the US

UNQ Furniture makes furniture that is truly unique. Each piece is made-to-order, meaning that the you are guaranteed a completely customized experience.


Each design is extremely different from the next, from the elegant and curvy to the sharp and edgy, these sofas and sectionals bring a modern touch to your home that is unprecedented.

For centuries, the furniture industry has been very “cataloged”, and custom coloring was limited to bland earth tones. We decided that because each of our customers are unique, our furniture should be just that - unique.

As if that wasn’t enough, we decided to implement something that would be considered taboo in most home furnishing stores: we added high-quality, color-changing LED lights to our pieces. Each LED piece comes with a remote so you can customize and control the accent lighting to suit whatever mood you’re in.

Styles like this have originally only been available in forward-thinking European countries, but we have partnered with the hottest Euro furniture makers to bring you these styles with FREE SHIPPING to any of the 50 states.

Check out our store, and build a piece to that fits your unique style.

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Space Saver Folding Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table
Folding wall mount table

I just needed a small table to hold the router & my laptop. It is very convenient in this small space in my family room. Sturdy enough for me to use.

NYC Stilettos!!

These are the most adorable party favors for a NYC chick who is in love with Stilettos!!! I texted the company because I was concerned that the glitter may be fragile. They were absolutely lovely in responding and the glitter is perfect!
Thrilled with my purchase!

I am thrilled these worked out. It was a pleasure working with you. Chris @ UNQ

Elegant wine display

Took a while to receive it, but I absolutely love it! Definitely a unique piece.

Finch Valley Winery Bird House

White Wood Pillar Candle Sconce
Just Perfect !

I Love it ! I have a 45” ivory mirror on the wall and placed 2 candle sconces on each side of the mirror. It looks wonderful !

That looks great!