4' x 8' x 2" Gymnastics Mat Thick Folding Panel Aerobics Exercise Mat


    This is 4' x 8' x 2" folding foam mat, which is an excellent choice for you to do exercise on it.

    It is an excellent mat for tumbling, yoga, aerobics, Pilates, martial arts, dance, and more. You can put it on anywhere for it is folding 4-panel compact storage design. Also, you can carry it to go hiking for its handle and folding design.

    This terrific gymnastics mat is a ideal companion for you. Don't hesitate and just add it to your cart.

    • High quality PU leather cover and high-density EPE foam filler
    • Folding and Portable design for easy storage and transportation
    • Velcro on 4 sides allow for connection to additional mats
    • Easy to clean durable PU leather cover
    • Designed for schools, clubs, camps, teams or individuals, etc
    • Also it is perfect for teaching basic gymnastics and exercises to kids
    • Color: Blue/Pink
    • Material: PU cloth and EPE pearl cotton
    • Expand Size: 4' x 8' x 2"
    • Folding Size: 4' x 2' x 8"
    • Weight: 12 lbs
    • Package Include:
    • 1 x Four-folding gymnastic mat

Customer Reviews

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Better than expected

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. The color was perfect as well. My daughter is quite happy with it (7 yr old).

Great for daycare!

The kids love these!! Very big and lots of fun

Great price on a versatile mat! 4-sided Velcro. Easy to transport & store.

Great mat! The thicker foam is easier to fall and roll on. After 2 hours of throws & take-downs, I’m not even sore later. Though I wish I could have a larger area (10’ x 10’), This size is easier to transport and store. Folds down to an easy size. Has Velcro on all sides, and comes with convenient handles. 2 of these fit (lying flat) in my Prius (with the wider back seat folded down). I use them for self defense mat work. This mat attaches to my other mat of the same size to make an 8’ x 8’ square. When the mat is folded down, and stacked on top of a matching mat, it’s a great height to practice jumps. It is low impact too, easier on the knees. (It’s supposed to be 16” high with two of them stacked, but it seems a little higher because of the air spaces.) But if you do jump on 2 stacked mats, have someone there to keep mats from slipping/sliding...just in case. It hasn’t happened to me, but it’s better to be safe. I’m making 2 Velcro ‘belts’ to hold the mats together, since I don’t always have spotter nearby. Price is great too, these mats get very expensive. This was the best price I found on a 2” thick mat with 4-sided Velcro.


This is the ideal mat I was looking for.

5 stars.

Good quality.

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