Anteater 18"

by Hansa
Sold out

Standing 18 inches in length, our Hansa Ant Eater stuffed animal is a truly unique piece. Our artisans did a fabulous job making this life like, with details you won't find from any other plush company. Meticulously hand made, our ant eater sports a beautiful luxurious plush body with detailed coloring, a long snout typical of an ant eater and a sweet little face. Be the first to have an ant eater in your collection!

Its name is a hint to one of its favorite foods, and you can't miss its long snout. Giant anteaters walk with a slow shuffle on all four legs with their nose pointed to the ground. They don't walk on their feet; instead, with the claws curled up into the feet, anteaters walk on their "fists."



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