Baboon Sitting 13''

by Hansa

Our Hansa Sitting Baboon is the perfect size (13 inches tall) to display in any room. His unique snout, (the only part of his body with no fur) peeks out of a body covered with luxurious soft plush. Significant research goes into reproducing every animal species. The fabric for the spotted and striped plush stuffed animals is custom designed and exclusively manufactured in small quantities to Hansas exacting specifications. Their coats are meticulously hand-cut and trimmed, never stamped out by machine. Hand sewn leather paws, swishing tails and especially soulful eyes and faces are lovingly detailed to give each stuffed animal its lifelike look. Each and every animal produced is hand finished by Hansa’s artists to create each with their very own unique personality (just as in real life).

Baboons are adapted to life on the ground and avoid forest areas. They have strong elongated jaws, large cheek pouches in which they store food, and eyes that are close together. They have strong limbs and are able to distinguish colors. They also have a keen sense of smell. Baboons eat worms, insects, reptiles, crabs, mollusks, small mammals and fruit. They live in Africa and Arabia and are some of the largest monkeys. They will spend hours grooming one another to remove insects.



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