Baby Orangutan 14"

by Hansa

The Hansa Orangutan Plush collection is an extensive grouping. Hansa 14 inch Baby Orangutan is absolutely delightful! He is filled with personality. Special care has gone into every detail of this piece of art. His body is covered with soft luxurious reddish brown plush, his face portrays curiosity, and his eyes are soulful. Each baby orangutan is hand finished with loving detail to give them the life like look yet sweet and cuddly making it unmistakably Hansa.

Orangutans are the only exclusively Asian genus of extant great ape. The largest living arboreal animals, they have proportionally longer arms than the other, more terrestrial, great apes. They are among the most intelligent primates and use a variety of sophisticated tools, also making sleeping nests each night from branches and foliage. Their hair is typically reddish-brown, instead of the brown or black hair typical of other great apes.



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