Bambi Newborn 12''

by Hansa
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"Love is a song that never ends..." That is what Bambi said, and Love is what you will experience with this Newborn Bambi from Hansa. Our Hansa Bambi, complete with white spots, a white underside, tail, faux leather hoofs, and a face you WILL fall in love with is perfect for a collection, a holiday or winter display or nestled in a child's bedroom giving them comfort. Bambi stands 12 inches tall, handmade of highest quality jacquard fabric, faux leather hoofs and filling is a unique filament from recycled PET bottles. Each animal is hand sewn inside out, resulting in the minimization of seams. Exceptional internal stitching process allows the Hansa artisans to create effects like muscle tone and other features unique to each creature. Bambie's internal wire frame provides wonderful, posable feature.

Deer are found throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia and North Africa. They range in size from European elk, or moose which may reach a shoulder height of about 8 ft. to a South American pudu which can be as little as 25 cm high. The female gives birth once a year usually to 1- 2 fawns. Deer tend to eat grass, plants, bushes and saplings.



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