Bengal Tiger, Lyg 40"

by Hansa

Our Hansa Tiger collection is one of our most popular realistic groupings and our 40 inch Laying Down Bengal Tiger is one of the reasons why! ALL our tigers have been meticulously hand sewn inside out with over 40 individual pieces of custom fabrics resulting in the minimization of seams. The subtle coloring on the tigers is hand painted or airbrushed by specially trained Hansa artisans. The result is stunning. Because of the above process, each tiger is one of a kind. These are wild animals, but when you look at our Bengal Tiger he has gentle warm and loving eyes...A WOW piece for the wild one in your life!

The largest living cats in the world, tigers weigh up to 720 pounds and measure up to 9 ft. in length not including their 3 ft. long tail. There are 3 major subspecies, which include the Siberian, Bengal, and Sumatra tiger. Tigers tend to hunt alone and feast on animals such as deer and antelope. They can eat as much as 60 pounds of meat in one night. Tigers are found in India and parts of Southeast Asia. Unlike most cats, tigers love to swim and find it a great way to cool off.



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Absolutely gorgeous

Absolutely gorgeous Decided she looked like a very young female who just had her first cub - so I and Hansa provided one..They look great together.

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Great quality, just what I wanted!

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Thrilled with my purchase!

I am thrilled these worked out. It was a pleasure working with you. Chris @ UNQ
nice heavy unit

Quick ship, nice heavy unit. Great value

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Took a while to receive it, but I absolutely love it! Definitely a unique piece.