Big Horn Ram 37X41

by Hansa

Standing 41 inches tall our Hansa Big Horn Ram soft sculptured plush is a true portrait of a real animal. Meticulously hand cut and trimmed custom fabrics and are hand painted or air brushed by specially trained Hansa artisans. Beautiful detail to the horns, body and face makes this piece come alive when looking at him...almost feels like he is winking at you. A stunning accent for any room.

Bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis) are one of two species of mountain sheep in North America. They range in color from light brown to grayish or dark brown, and have a white rump and lining on the backs of all four legs. Bighorn sheep get their name from the large, curved horns on the males, or rams. They are legendary for their ability to climb high, steep, rocky mountain areas.



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