Black Bear Seat - Life Size - Walking 54''L

by Hansa
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Bring nature into your home with our Hansa life-size Black Bear. This big guy at 54 inches in length looks like he just walked off the mountain from eating berries with his youngsters! So realistic you will be surprised every time you walk into the room. Handcrafted with beautiful black plush, and hand-painted details on his face make him a stunning "WOW" piece for any setting. Call for more information. Hand-sewn leather paws, swishing tails and especially soulful eyes and faces are lovingly detailed to give each stuffed animal its lifelike look. This life-sized plush stuffed animal has exceptionally strong yet lightweight steel frames allowing children of all ages (up to 150 pounds) to actually go for a ride. From the narrowed muzzle to the small and rounded ears, the details will let you enjoy the black bear. Along with the plush comes a tag with many educational facts about this North American bear.

Black bears are North America's most familiar and common bears. They typically live in forests and are excellent tree climbers, but are also found in mountains and swamps. Despite their name, black bears can be blue-gray or blue-black, brown, cinnamon, or even (very rarely) white. Diet: Black bears are very opportunistic eaters. Most of their diet consists of grasses, roots, berries, and insects. They will also eat fish and mammals—including carrion—and easily develop a taste for human foods and garbage. The frequent reminder: Please don't feed the bears! For more information:



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