Eagle Bald Large 27"

by Hansa

Our Large Size Hansa Eagle soft sculpture plush is a magnificent piece of the magestic Eagle. WIth a wing span of 27 inches, you can't help realizing what an amazing bird he is both as a stuffed animal and as a real animal in the wild. Made of over 40 individual custom pieces of luxurious plus, this accent piece is truely a stately work of art. A WOW accent for a living room, office of store display. Call us for more details.

Found world-wide, most eagles have long pointed wings spanning up to 5 ft. These wings are perfectly adapted for flapping, soaring, and gliding in flight. Generally eagles are powerful predators, catching their prey on the ground or snatching it from treetops. Their prey includes reptiles, birds, and small mammals. Most eagles hatch and rear only 1-2 nestlings.



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