Golden Retriever Pup Brown 17''

by Hansa
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You can almost hear the squeal of delight when a Hansa Golden Retriever Puppy stuffed animal is unwrapped! His mouth is open with joy and his body is so cuddly and soft they won't want to put him down. His tail is almost wagging ready to fetch a ball. The realism is remarkable. What makes Hansa plush stuffed animals so different from their competitors is the quality and pinpoint accuracy of specific animal characteristics that are used in each production. Each piece is designed with a unique personality by artists from portraits of animals in their natural habitat. The custom designed "coat" of each character is meticulously hand cut by seasoned craftsmen for a distinctive and personal look. From the tip of a giraffe nose to the bottom of a mouse foot and in every soulful eye, lovingly detail is present in each character to give them the life-like look that is unmistakably Hansa.

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S. The breed’s friendly, tolerant attitude makes him a fabulous family pet, and his intelligence makes him a highly capable working dog. Golden Retrievers excel at retrieving game for hunters, tracking, sniffing out drugs, and as therapy and assistance dogs. They’re also natural athletes, and do well in dog sports such as agility and competitive obedience.



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