Gray Leaf Monkey 7"

by Hansa

Monkey See Monkey Do.....Our Hansa Gray Leaf Monkey stuffed animal looks like he is going to get into trouble somehow! With his furry face, brown eyes and big comical smile you know he is full of it!! His counterpart, our Brown Leaf Monkey would be a great pair as a gift for someone who has spunk! He is small enough to display in interesting places so you can keep an eye on him!

Leaf monkeys are medium-sized primates with long tails and diverse colorations. The coloring of nearly all the young animals differs remarkably from that of the adults. Most species are arboreal (tree-dwelling), although some live a more terrestrial life. They are found in many habitats of different climate zones (rain forests, mangroves, mountain forests, and savannah), but not in deserts and other dry areas.



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