Grizzly Bear Young 60"

by Hansa

He may be young, but he is one of our BIGGEST and most impressive pieces in the Hansa collection. This fantastic Hansa Grizzly Bear soft sculptured plush stands 60 inches tall and is a WOW piece. Hansa's artisans meticulously hand crafted this realistic plush Grizzly Bear. Each is created from over 40 individual pieces of luxuriously soft custom fabrics. He is as realistic as it gets. Perfect for a den or in a store display.

Also known as grizzly bears, the brown bear is found in North America, Europe, and Asia. They tend to be black or very light beige but a few can be pure white. They hibernate for 7 months, usually in dens or caves. To prepare for hibernation Brown bears may eat up to 90 pounds of food a day. They love fish, berries, and succulent plants. They normally give birth to 2 cubs and are able to reproduce until almost 30 yrs of age.



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