Large Giraffe 64"

by Hansa

Standing 64 inches tall Our Hansa Large Giraffe soft sculptured plush is not only an accent piece but also a statement piece! Looking for a wow item, you have found it. Soft luxurious plush with details that mimic a life like giraffe. Since these beauties are hand crafted each Hansa giraffe is unique making them one of a kind. Created with more than 40 individual luxurious custom plush pieces. A perfect gift for a new baby room, a man cave or a display in a store. Call us for more details.

As the tallest land mammal, a male giraffe can grow to be 18 ft in height. Their 40 cm long tongue allows them to reach even higher into acacia trees for some of their favorite food! They live in Africa and their long necks and great vision give them an excellent view of their surroundings, especially of predators! A female (known as a cow) bears a single calf, which can be up to 7 ft high and can stand on its own 20 minutes after birth.The giraffe has just one very powerful heart, which helps to pump blood throughout the animal’s long neck and legs.



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