Leopard Jaq Floppy 17''

by Hansa

Leopards may be considered the epitome of stealth and silence...and our Hansa Jacquard Floppy Leopard fits this description. He is covered with luxurious custom jacquard plush making him unbelievably soft and cuddly. Beautifully placed spots and details on his face  making him life like- this guy is an heirloom piece! Significant research goes into reproducing every animal species.  The fabric for the spotted and striped plush stuffed animals is custom designed and exclusively manufactured in small quantities to Hansa’s exacting specifications.  Their “coats” are meticulously hand-cut and trimmed, never stamped out by machine.  Hand sewn leather paws, swishing tails and especially soulful eyes and faces are lovingly detailed to give each stuffed animal its lifelike look.  Each and every animal produced is hand finished by Hansa’s artists to create each with their very own unique personality (just as in real life).

Leopards are the smallest of the large cats (to include lions, tigers, and jaguars) and are the most widespread, with subspecies found in Africa and Asia. They have a body structure similar to jaguars and are covered with flower-shaped spots on their backs called rosettes, with no dot in the center; the jaguar has a dot inside each of its rosettes.



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Students love

I wouldn't call the toy "Floppy". I thought it would have floppy legs and body, but it's just the pose that it's in. However, I still love it. It is so detailed and beautifully made! Another of my students' favourites!

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Great quality, just what I wanted!

Folding wall mount table

I just needed a small table to hold the router & my laptop. It is very convenient in this small space in my family room. Sturdy enough for me to use.

NYC Stilettos!!

These are the most adorable party favors for a NYC chick who is in love with Stilettos!!! I texted the company because I was concerned that the glitter may be fragile. They were absolutely lovely in responding and the glitter is perfect!
Thrilled with my purchase!

I am thrilled these worked out. It was a pleasure working with you. Chris @ UNQ
nice heavy unit

Quick ship, nice heavy unit. Great value

Elegant wine display

Took a while to receive it, but I absolutely love it! Definitely a unique piece.