Lion, Male Large Lying

by Hansa
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Animal facts:

Family felidae. Lived Throughout Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia, North America, South America. Measures up to 250 cm in length, not including the tail, Which measures 90-105cm. Lady lion is in estrus, recurring state in which female is receptive to sexual activity, she mates repeatedly, After Gestation of 110 days, she gives birth to 1-4 young, Lions are carnivores.

Is it real?? That's what most say when they see our Lion Laying Down. This magnificent majestic Lion is so amazingly realistic with a full mane surrounding his face, detailed paws and a face that tells it all. You can almost see him breathing. The Hansa studios surely are proud of this piece. Perfect for a bedroom to lean against while reading a book or a display piece in a den.

BITS N BYTES-While lions could once be found in Africa, southern Europe, and parts of Asia, today, they are mostly just found in Africa. Lions tend to hunt in groups and at night. They eat animals ranging in size from rabbits to buffalos. Lions are very social animals and usually live in groups of 15 or more, which are referred to as prides. In these prides, the females do most of the hunting.

Position: Large, Lying, Majestic

Dimension: 39.00in. x 28.00in. x 20.00in.

Age group: The Recommended age is 3 and up to comply with ASTM93 safety standards.

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Majestic and Powerful..

This lion is just as beautiful as I had hoped he would be. Majestic, powerful, kind. I am so pleased.

Customer Reviews

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