Mechanical Camel, Ride-On

by Hansa
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Animal facts:

large ruminant native to the desert regions of Asia & northern Africa. There are 2 kinds of camels: dromedary camel, which has 1 hump, & the Bactrian camel, w/c has 2 humps. Camel usually stands 2 m tall at the shoulders. The hump rises about 30 cm above the back. Feeds on grasses and shrubs. Gives birth to 1 foal after a gestation period of 390-410 days. Camels can go for long periods without water.

Movement: Head moving

Dimension: 36.00in. x 40.00in. x 12.00in.

Age group: The Recommended age is 3 and up to comply with ASTM93 safety standards.

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