Mountain Goat 16"

by Hansa
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Our Hansa Mountain Goat soft sculpture plush standing 13 inches tall is a beautiful example of the talent from our artisan studios. Meticulously hand crafted with over 40 individual luxurious custom pieces, no two goats are alike. Complete with life like qualities such as the two toes that make these goats so agile and the textured horns that make this goat so unique.

Mountain goats are not true goats—but they are close relatives. They are more properly known as goat-antelopes. Mountain goats have cloven hooves with two toes that spread wide to improve balance. Rough pads on the bottom of each toe provide the grip of a natural climbing shoe. Mountain goats are powerful but nimble and can jump nearly 12 feet (3.5 meters) in a single bound.



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