Pig, Penelope 11''L

by Hansa

Not to be confused with Babe, or Wilbur the Pig in Charlottes Web, our Hansa Penelope Pig has her own personality because of the details created by our artisans. Lush pink plush covers Penelope and she has been given a sweet lovable face. Perfect gift for anyone who loves pigs, Peppa Pig or farm animals. Hansa Artists create each animal from portraits of the creature in its natural habitat. Superb workmanship, quality and pin point accuracy on specific animal characteristics puts HANSA plush a step above the competition.

Pigs are found worldwide. They have a plate of cartilage in their snouts that is reinforced with a small bone making it easier for them to push, dig and break through tangled brush. Pigs give birth to a larger number of young. They are omnivorous and can scavenge a wide range of food. Pigs are the 4th most intelligent animals in the world



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