Polar Bear Cub, Seated 16"

by Hansa
Sold out

If you are looking for a huggable, cuddliest and realistic Polar Bear...look no further! This beautiful Hansa White Seated Polar Bear is filled with personality and lots of hugs to give. Since our Bear is hand sewn inside out resulting in the minimization of seams, his body is just beautiful. Make someone smile with this extraordinary heirloom plush.

Found in Canada and Greenland, polar bears live along shores and sea ice. They hunt for seals on the ice. Polar bears are the largest of all bears with males growing up to 10 ft. length, which is the height of a one-story building. Polar bears fur is actually translucence and takes on different colors depending on the light. On the snow, they appear to be white but elsewhere they might seem brownish, yellow or even light green. They eat berries, mussels, and kelp, but mostly ringed seals.



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