Road Runner 8"

by Hansa
Sold out

BEEP BEEP!!!! Our Hansa Road Runner stuffed animal may look different than the Warner Brothers rendition of the bird, but it is an exact life like piece our artisans have hand made for us! His name fits him since he looks a little restless and ready to take off! Standing 8 inches tall he has a tufted head, beautiful wings and poseable feet so you can stand him anywhere you choose. Perfect for the bird lover in you life.

The legendary roadrunner bird is famous for its distinctive appearance, its ability to eat rattlesnakes and its preference for scooting across the American deserts, as popularized in Warner Bros. cartoons. When the roadrunner senses danger or is traveling downhill, it flies, revealing short, rounded wings with a white crescent. But it cannot keep its large body airborne for more than a few seconds, and so prefers walking or running (up to 17 miles per hour) usually with a clownish gait.



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