Samoyed Puppy 11"L

by Hansa

When you look at our Hansa Samoyed Puppy stuffed animal you will scream…I want! Lovely custom super soft plush covers this puppy from paws to ears! He has a darling face you will fall in love with. If you are a dog lover or a collector of dogs, you will want to add this piece to your line up. What makes Hansa plush stuffed animals so different from their competitors is the quality and pinpoint accuracy of specific animal characteristics that are used in each production. Each piece is designed with a unique personality by artists from portraits of animals in their natural habitat. The custom designed "coat" of each character is meticulously hand cut by seasoned craftsmen for a distinctive and personal look. From the tip of a giraffe nose to the bottom of a mouse foot and in every soulful eye, lovingly detail is present in each character to give them the life-like look that is unmistakably Hansa.

The Samoyed is a large breed of herding dog, from the spitz group, with a thick, white, double-layer coat. It takes its name from the Samoyedic peoples of Siberia.



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Love him

I had a Samoyed that died at 12 years of age. I could not find an adult stuffed Samoyed that was realistic, so I ordered this Samoyed puppy. It is so real looking that I ordered two more of them, especially when I found out they were going to discontinue making these. Love them!

Only OK

I purchased this toy for my daughter as our family samoyed of 17 years past away last month. I am very disappointed as the head on the received toy is much smaller. The ears are too big and the eyes are in two different positions which makes him look cross eyed. It doesn't look like the puppy as advertised on your site. I expected more from Hansa to be honest.

Please let us know if you would like to exchange. We want eveyone to love their plush animals. Thank you.
Love him

Our Samoyed adult dog died and we could not find a realistic looking stuffed Samoyed until we came to the Hansa site. Unfortunately they do not make the lifesize samoyeds, but this puppy looks exactly like our boy looked when he was young. All the features are realistically portrayed. I ended up ordering a total of 3 of them.


Very cute, well crafted design of a samoyed puppy. My wife and I are proud parents of our second 'fur' child and our first from Hansa. Shipping to Australia and factoring in currency exchange was expensive, however a lot cheaper than the real deal in the long run!

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