Sheep Ride-On Bone Color 42"

by Hansa

Sheep Ride-on Bone Color 42" (3660)

Another one of our WOW pieces, our Hansa Life Size Sheep soft sculpture animal is amazing! If you want to feel like you are on the farm with out all the work, this statement piece is what you are looking for. Standing 36 inches tall and 42 inches long our life size sheep looks real- you expect her to say "BAA"! Created with more than 40 individual luxurious custom plush pieces, this life like sheep has it all. With a sweet soft face and a big fuzzy long haired plush body, and posable legs/hoofs you can put this beauty anywhere. Perfect for a new born room, a play room or an display piece in a store. Call for more details.

BITS N BYTES-Sheep are found in Australia, New Zealand, South America and the western United states. Sheep are social animals and love to be in groups, which also furthers their protection. Sheep usually produce 1 or 2 lambs a year, although 5 have been recorded. The lambs are born wooly and open-eyed. Sheep see in color and also have a four chambered stomach. They like to eat grass and other short roughage.

Position: Standing

Dimension:41.00in. x 16.00in. x 35.00in.

Age group: The Recommended age is 3 and up to comply with ASTM93 safety standards.

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In short, we LOVE the sheep! In the process of decorating a nursery for a baby girl, and had seen the sheep (unattributed to you) on a Pinterest board of a beautiful nursery. Looked at several inferior and cheaper options, but nothing looked quite as real, cozy and perfect as the Ride-On Sheep. We have continued to be thrilled! What a differentiating piece of design, and we know it will be part of our family for many years to come.


What a cool Sheep - Great face! perfect for a neutral nursery

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