Sitting Dalmatian Pup 10''

by Hansa

If you are 101 Dalmatian fan or a Firehouse dog lover, this stuffed animal is for you! The Hansa Dalmatian Puppy sitting 10 inches tall is the most loveable piece we have in the dog category. He has an adorable face just looking for love, and is covered super soft custom plush with black spots. The Hansa animals are hand sewn “inside out”, resulting in the minimization of seams. This development of an exceptional internal stitching method allows the Hansa artisans create effects like muscle tone and “features” unique to each creature.

This sleek and athletic dog breed has a history that goes back several hundred years. He started out as a coach dog but has also served in many other capacities, including hunter, firehouse dog, and circus performer. As charming in life as in film, he goes from gallant to goofy to gallant again in the blink of an eye, and loves to be a part of everything his family does.



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