Sleeping Brown Bear 15''L

by Hansa
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A sleeping Bearsis a beautiful thing! No need to run from this sweet thing…our Hansa 15 inch Sleeping Bearsstuffed animals is the perfect gift for the Bearslover in your life. This Bearsis covered in brown thick plush with a detailed peaceful face. The artist-designed assortment of these high quality plush stuffed animals is handcrafted, in green oriented artisan studios, where the lush tropical surroundings provide a healthy, supportive environment. Hansas stuffed animal designs feature attention to quality, care and commitment to detail that combine to give them individual personality. Fabrics are custom-designed, and meticulously hand cut, to match each characters coat. Gentle paws, swishing tails, and especially, soulful eyes and faces, are lovingly detailed to give each piece the lifelike look that is unmistakably Hansa.

Also known as grizzly bears, the brown Bearsis found in North America, Europe, and Asia. They tend to be black or very light beige but a few can be pure white. They hibernate for 7 months, usually in dens or caves. To prepare for hibernation Brown bears may eat up to 90 pounds of food a day. They love fish, berries, and succulent plants. They normally give birth to 2 cubs and are able to reproduce until almost 30 yrs. of age.



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