Snow Leopard 38''

by Hansa

The Hansa Snow Leopard Collection is quite elaborate and each piece is unique and filled with real-life details. This 38 inch Hansa Snow Leopard is a WOW piece. A beautifully detailed animal in real life and in our studio. Hand-painted or airbrushed markings are on the body of this gorgeous stuffed animal. His coat, big paws, and soulful eyes make him a head turned. A delightful accent for any room! The artist-designed assortment of these high-quality plush stuffed animals is handcrafted, in green-oriented artisan studios, where the lush tropical surroundings provide a healthy, supportive environment. Hansa’s stuffed animal designs feature attention to quality, care and commitment to detail that combine to give them individual personality. Fabrics are custom-designed, and meticulously hand-cut, to match each character’s coat. Gentle paws, swishing tails, and especially, soulful eyes and faces, are lovingly detailed to give each piece the lifelike look that is unmistakably Hansa.

The snow leopard is found in northern India in the states bordering the Himalayas and in the Central Asian mountains. Their diet consists of wild sheep, goats, deer, and some other small mammals. Snow leopards have extremely powerful legs that allow them to jump as far as 50 ft. Each litter consists of 1-5 cubs.



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