Spinosaurus 22''L

by Hansa
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The Hansa Dinosaur Collection has all the common dinos in their line up along with some not so common characters. Take a look at them all and start your collection today! This Hansa 22 inch Spinosaurus stuffed animal has all the realistic features of this giant lizard, but his face shares a softer side to him! He will sit nicely on a bureau or can be taken on road trips! The animals are hand sewn “inside out”, resulting in the minimization of seams. This development of an exceptional internal stitching method allows the Hansa artisans to create effects like muscle tone and “features” unique to each creature.. Each and every animal produced is hand finished by Hansa’s artists to create each with their very own unique personality (just as in real life).

The spinosaurus (meaning "spine lizard") is a genus of theropod dinosaur. Its distinctive spines, which were long extensions of the vertebrae, grew up to 6.5 ft long and were likely to have had skin connecting them. They were the largest of all known carnivorous dinosaurs, larger than T-rex and Giganotosaurus. Estimates suggest that it was around 59 ft. in length.



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