Squirrel With Nut 9"

by Hansa
Sold out

You can find squirrels in any part of the world - from the rainforest to the desert, but hopefully, not in your house. You won't find a squirrel more gentle than this one. Which is why he's the perfect companion to keep indoors. This 9" squirrel comes with a nut attached directly to it's paws and mouth, so there's no fear of him losing it. Not only is this squirrel a cute "pet" that's safe to keep around, he's also a great education tool to help teach children about nature. Like every Hansa animal, this squirrel comes with an informational tag with additional facts including habitats, eating habits, and growth sizes. For example, did you know that their large gnawing incisors grow throughout life? It's so they don't easily wear down from the constant gnawing they do everyday.



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