Standing River Otter 14"

by Hansa
Sold out

Our river otter looks like he just crawled out of the water from a long swim. This Hansa River Otter stuffed animal clearly has been handmade with love! Sweet eyes, big webbed feet, a white chest covered with luxurious fur and cute whiskers gives this animal lots of personality. With outstretched arms, this otter is ready to crack an oyster, clam or hold your cell phone. Add to your collection or collect all our river otters.

With long, sleek, streamlined bodies and webbed feet, otters are born swimmers. They are found in waterways on every continent except Australia and Antarctica. They are often seen floating on their backs. Their thick fur traps air and makes them buoyant. Unfortunately, the fur is highly coveted, and otters have been hunted almost to extinction in many places.



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