T-Rex 26''L

by Hansa

Dinosaur lovers take notice...if you are looking for the perfect gift for the child (or adult) in your life that knows the names of every dino and has all the figurines available, then look no further. Choose from the Hansa Dinosaur Collection or collect them all! This is a Hansa T-Rex 26 inch heirloom piece will be passed down from generation to generation. The animals are hand sewn “inside out”, resulting in the minimization of seams. This development of an exceptional internal stitching method allows the Hansa artisans to create effects like muscle tone and “features” unique to each creature.. Each and every animal produced is hand finished by Hansa’s artists to create each with their very own unique personality (just as in real life).

Tyrannosaurus Rex was a huge meat-eating dinosaur that lived about 85 million years ago. T-Rex was up to 40 feet long, 15-20 feet tall and weighed up to 5-7 tons. It had a large lobe in the brain and did have depth perception. A T- Rex could run up to 15mph and could eat up to 500 pounds of meat and bones in one bite.



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