Tarsier, Baby 6''

by Hansa

ADORABLE is all you can say about this Hansa Baby Tarsier stuffed animal.  This little guy can fit in your hand, your back pack or he can hang out anywhere you put him! All hand crafted no two Hansa Baby Tarsiers are the same.  On average, there are 42 separate pieces required to make each plush stuffed animal, which must be combined by a team of truly creative artists to create the distinctly realistic features that characterize Hansa plush stuffed animals.

The tarsier is found in Southeast Asian islands including the Philippines. They are small animals with enormous eyes and very long hind limbs. They have a body length of about 5 inches and weigh about .31 lbs. The tarsier feeds primarily at night on insects and lizards. They have a gestation Period of 180 days and only one young is born at a time.



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The quality of your product is excellent

The quality of your product is excellent. I went to several different toy stores searching for a realistic tarsier for my sci-fi production. Only Hansa came close. My partner so fell in love with the plush toy that I bought her one of her own and gave the other one to the model.

My niece carries in purse

My niece carry this little guy in her purse she simply adores it.

Little one is so cute

Little one is so cute. Would love to see the actions of a real one.


As a writer I created a character, Tarsa the Tarsier, as a companion for my character "Starflake the Starbabe" and we had a big photo shoot coming up where we wanted to use the Tarsier Baby with the "Starflake" model. My partner and I fell in love with the photo of the Tarsier Baby in the Hansa catalog. Unfortunately the Tarsier we received did not live up to the photo in the catalog. However, it still was better than any of the other Tarsiers from other companies. We still plan to use it, I just wish it could have been as good as the one in the catalog.

Please contact us so we can correct this for you. We want eveyone to love their plush animals. Thank you.
My daughter was very impressed

My daughter was very impressed with the likeness of this plush toy to the original animal- she already has her eyes set on a few more for Christmas!

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