Tiger Seat 30"L X 21"H

by Hansa

Deep in the jungle or in your home, take a ride on the wild side on this realistic, handcrafted Tiger seat. One Hansa's newest collection of ANIMALS WITH FUNCTIONALITY, each "amazingly realistic" animal created from luxuriously soft, custom jacquard fabric combines the beauty of SOFT SCULPTURE ART, with the function of a seat and/or footstool. Together they provide "WOW" evoking home décor and conversation pieces, while also serving as comfortable "seating" for children, designed to soothe, relax, and calm, the occasional "beast" that exists in all of us . . . . . put your feet up, or take a seat and ENJOY this unique experience . . .

The tiger is the largest member of the felid (cat) family. They sport long, thick reddish coats with white bellies and white and black tails. Their heads, bodies, tails, and limbs have narrow black, brown or gray stripes. There were once nine subspecies of tigers: Bengal, Siberian, Indochinese, South Chinese, Sumatran, Malayan, Caspian, Javan, and Bali. Of these, the last three are extinct, one is extinct in the wild, and the rest are endangered.



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