Wall-mounted Electric Tank Water Dispenser with Removable Drip Tray


    This high quality water dispenser features an elegant design and attractive white finish that will blend well with your room and decor.

    Made from high-quality materials, which keeps it strong and sturdy to use. With a high efficiency design, the electric water dispenser is ideal for work, home or other places. The water could be heated to 194 F. There is no more for you to wait on the microwave, this water dispenser provides you instant hot or warm water, and you can enjoy your drinks whenever you want.

    Wall-mounted design saves time and space. Do not hesitate to buy one!

    • Brand new and high quality
    • Modern and compact design ideal for home or office
    • Clear control panel for easy operation
    • Wall-mounted space-saving design
    • Provide warm and hot water for you
    • Low energy consumption and cost-effective
    • No water bottle, just need to connect it to the water purifier
    • Color: White
    • Overall dimensions: 12" x 5" x 16" (L x W x H)
    • Power supply: 110-120/60 Hz
    • Water tank capacity: 2 L
    • Hot water capacity: 1.4 L
    • Applicable ambient temperature: 5 ℃-40 ℃
    • Warm water flow: ≥ 1.2 l/min
    • Hot water flow: ≥ 1.0l/min
    • Rated heating temperature: ≥90℃
    • Rated heating capacity: 5 L/h
    • Inlet pressure: 0.1-0.4 mpa
    • Rated heating power: 560 W

Customer Reviews

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Good little unit for the job.

Figured I would take one for the team and be the first to buy this product, which I never do. I installed this maching next to my fridge, mounted to the blank piece of cabinet wood. I plumbed it into my fridge water line, which also supplies our plumbed dog water dish, and is filtered behind the fridge. The dispenser itself is basic plastic, lightweight, and dispenses near-boiling water, warm water, and ambient temperature water. Obviously there is no compressor to cool the water in this for under $40. That’s fine, I have a fridge water dispenser with ice for that. They supplied adequate 1/4” OD water line, probably about 15 feet or so, plus a push quick connect t-connector. They also included a metal valve to fit (I believe) under sink plumbing. The unit leaked when I first installed it. I mean, flooded my kitchen. The problem is the water tank inside has vents at the top of it. So tipping it at all during install will lead to a bunch of water everywhere. I emptied it and came back to finish the install after my prior frustration and allowing it to air dry inside. It looks okay (ugly colors, but those can be painted over,) isn’t too deep, and it works. So I can’t complain for the price! The problem is no one else in America offers these wall-mounted systems, as everyone seems to buy full size water coolers. I dislike them and wanted control over my filters and everything else so this fit the bill!

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