Wallaby 14''

by Hansa
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What a delightful piece the Hansa Wallaby stuffed animal would be as a gift. A smile is what you will get...Standing 14 inches tall, she has beautiful markings, a sweet face and covered with custom soft plush. Her markings have been hand painted or airbrushed making her unique in everyway. Hansa is respected the world over for its finely crafted collection of our planet’s animal kingdom. Each plush stuffed animal is meticulously handcrafted from portraits of real animals in their natural habitat. Hansa’s goal is to help educate children and adults alike, about the natural lives of these magnificent creatures, and to understand, respect and appreciate the importance of our co-existence with all animals.

The wallaby is found in Australia and neighboring islands. They are marsupials (pouched mammals) and resemble kangaroos but of a smaller size. They are also brighter in color, some looking more like hares. Wallabies as well as other marsupials have a pouch into which the young Joey crawls immediately after it is born. The Joey remains there for about 190 days.



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