Wild Pig Baby 9''L (Sp)

by Hansa
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Our Hansa Baby Wild Pig is cute now...but in the wild grows up to be a Wild Boar! A wonderful addition for a child's imaginary world in the wild. Bringing the two together is magical! Hansa is respected the world over for its finely crafted collection of our planets animal kingdom. Each plush stuffed animal is meticulously handcrafted from portraits of real animals in their natural habitat. Hansas goal is to help educate children and adults alike, about the natural lives of these magnificent creatures, and to understand, respect and appreciate the importance of our co-existence with all animals

The Wild Boar is a species of Wild Pig, native to the forests of Europe, north-west Africa and it is also found throughout Asia. The Wild Boar has an extremely wide distribution with the number of estimated Wild Boar subspecies ranging from 4 to 25.



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