Wolverine 19''L

by Hansa
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When you think of a Wolverine you might think of the comic strip character from the Avengers. The Hansa Wolverine stuffed animal shows why the writers used this animal to depict a personality. The Hansa Wolverine looks like a realistic animal in the wild but the artisans have given this guy a sweet little face that you can surely love! Hansa is respected the world over for its finely crafted collection of our planet’s animal kingdom. Each plush stuffed animal is meticulously handcrafted from portraits of real animals in their natural habitat. Hansa’s goal is to help educate children and adults alike, about the natural lives of these magnificent creatures, and to understand, respect and appreciate the importance of our co-existence with all animals.

The wolverine is a medium sized mammal that despite it's bear-like appearance (and it's name) is most closely related to the weasel. The wolverine is known to be strong and vicious and is said to have immense strength in comparison to it's size.



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