Zebra, Adult Ride-On Jacquard

by Hansa

Animal facts:

Family Equidae. Few mountain zebras left in the wild live in the mountain grasslands of southwest Africa. The pattern of their stripes are unique as individual human fingerprints. Zebra"s forage for grass for 60-80 per cent of a 24-hour period. Zebra"s averages about 1.2 m high. The female gives birth to one foal after a year of gestation. Lifespan Up to 28 years

This is a horse of a different color! Take a ride on the wild side atop this real-to-life, hand crafted Zebra ride-on, for a thrilling "fun filled" ride on one Hansa's newest ANIMALS WITH FUNCTIONALITY! Each "amazingly realistic" animal created from luxuriously soft, custom jacquard fabric combines the beauty of SOFT SCULPTURE ART, with the function of a seat. Together they provide "WOW" evoking home décor, window displays, and conversation pieces, while also serving as comfortable "seating" for children, designed to soothe, relax, and calm, the occasional "beast" that exists in all of us. Climb on and ENJOY this unique experience.

BITS N BYTES: Zebras are part of the African equids (horse family), united by their distinctive black and white stripes. The stripes come in different patterns, each unique to each individual. Unlike horses and donkeys, zebras have never been truly domesticated, but this zebra will have no trouble fitting in a bedroom or a window display.

Position: Standing

Fabric: Jacquard

Dimension: 58.00in. x 18.00in. x 45.00in.

Our new Jacquard fabric eliminates the painting of many of the animals highlights, since all colors are part of the fabric itself. This provides an even more realistic appearance and durability than in the past.

Age group: The Recommended age is 3 and up to comply with ASTM93 safety standards

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